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Last of the Crystal Dragon

Written by the owner of Burning Passion, Amber Hall, is the Novel called Last of the Crystal Dragon. 

“Restore thy gems to restore thy land. Work together face to face to understand. Follow thy crystal flowers to see thy past. So thy dragons can return at last.”


Since the end of dragons the self proclaimed King Delhi has ruined the lands and the lives of many, for as long as anyone can remember. In a single night he somehow killed all the dragons and anything linked to them. No one would stand against his command until a village girl came about.

After coming into contact with a crystal flower, Esmeralda, started having dreams of dragons near the mountain. When she decides to see what was calling to her, she finds a dragon from a lost time. Or at least he claims to be a dragon. Stuck in a human form, the dragon is furious about the situation and immediately lashes out at her. Unsure what to believe, Esmeralda is hesitant on what to do until danger comes after both of them.

Forced to work together, they must restore the six elemental crystals that appeared around her neck. Each one represents one of the sacred lands of dragons. Out on the run, they must find the crystal flowers and allies, to get answers about the past. In order to stand a chance against Delhi they must succeed or die trying.

Facing evil magic, curses, monsters, each other, and a past that misleads the present. Can they get along long enough to solve the mysteries of what happened to the dragons before it's too late or will history repeat itself?

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