Upcoming Events

Want to take a closer look at my work, Face to face? I invite you to come see me personally at the next craft fair/show listed below. There you can see for yourself the beauty of Pyrography.

Upcoming Events


Amble Inn & Western Edge Books, Artwork, Music

As of April 1st through September some of my works will be for sale at the Amble Inn & Western Edge Books, Artwork, Music, in Medora, ND!! Take a trip to the National Park this summer and stop by their store to see what you like. They carry all kinds of local ND made products. https://www.facebook.com/westernedgebooks/

Online Store

The online store is open for those who missed me at a craft show, and want a piece of art for their home. Jewelry is also in the online store, check it out and see what you like.

Past Events


Kirkwood Mall Vendor  Show

Located in the Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck, ND. Come find me to the vendor show on Mar. 10th, 11th and 12th. There I'll have Jewelry for the first time in person. Can't wait to see everyone.

Located at the Bismarck Civic Center in Bismarck, ND. Come visit me at my booth  on Nov. 19 & Nov. 20


The Big One 
Christmas Show