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What is Pyrography

A form of free hand Art that allows wood to be burned or edged into the material to create a design. It is also known as Wood Burning, and Writing with Fire.

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I am not doing this to bore you but to give you an understanding why you may not know what Pyrography is. Pyrography is a more traditional form of art. Some people mistaken pyrography for woodworking, wood carving, leather working, or refurbishing wooden furniture, but they can cross paths every now and then. The biggest difference is the fine details of the burn put into the wood.

The designs are made with a wood burning tip that is heated electrically so that when applied, it burns whatever it touches. The longer you hold it there the darker the burn and every direction and movement are shown with every touch. These tips come in many shapes and sizes to fit any need for crafting or design. Soft woods are best because they are easier to burn into, to get the different shades of an object in.

By burning a design the artist gives the wood character, charm, and depth into the what they want the wood to create a presence with. Some people use the woods natural colors and grain to showcase its beauty and define it, while others can create a rustic look with a natural feel of nostalgia. Usually this is in artwork that are hung up for décor, while some can become coasters, serving trays, game boards, and more. There is so much it can do but most don’t know of its existence.

Its’ almost a forgotten form of art. It’s not as heard of as painting or drawing because it’s usually not a topic of discussion, not taught in classes, or you magically know of its existence. Most of the time these specialized people discover it, experiment, and self-taught themselves. This can take years to perfect their technique. And of course they usually only show others that are interested in the field.

If you want to learn more about pyrography tips, wood, browse around and get you inspired to try it too.

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