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The Burning Tools come in many styles. I will describe the two that I use: Pyrography Pen, and Hot Wire Tip tool

Pyrography Pen


Hot Wire Tip


Pyrography Pen

The pyrography pen is the most common tool, inexpensive, and great for beginners. This tool features a dial to control its heating source. Turn the dial between the yellow, orange, and red to make your tool hotter. Yellow is low, while red is very hot. This tool does take about 5-10 minutes to warm up and cool off, so there is a little patience with this tool. It stays at a constant temperature. Warning do not touch tip or barrel when on or cooling off it will burn you.

The tips for this tool are twist in type. Usually this tool comes with a standard set of tips of 5-10 tips depending of the type of kit you get. Each tip has a purpose and if you need another one they are very easy to find in stores. When switching out tips be sure the tool is completely cooled off otherwise there can be a chance of stripping the threads in both the barrel and tips.


This tool is a great to experiment pyrography for the first time. You can find this kind of tool almost anywhere, hobby/crafts shops, online, and regular stores.


Hot Wire Tip

The hot wire tip tool is my personal favorite, and I’ll explain why. This tool is a more professional tool and also a little more expensive. This tool has a pen and a base to control its heat source. The base has a dial that the more you turn right the hotter it gets. What great about this tool it that it turn on the off almost instantly. It takes about 30 seconds to get really hot so if you’re not patient this is great for you. The tips tend to cool a bit more but quickly heats back up again. The machine comes with a set of 5 wire tips.

The tips for this tool are an insert type. The tips have a grove to insert into the pen barrel area. There is a front and back side of the tip that determines how it’s supposed to go into the pen. To switch out tips the kit comes with a set of claws to carefully grab the tip out without damaging it. Warning even though it cools off very quickly the bottom of the tip from the pen can still be hot.

This tool is great for more experienced and beginners if they wish to experiment with it. Unfortunately it is not as common to find except at hobby/crafts stores, or online.


This tool is my favorite because it cools off very quickly. The tips last longer and is worth the extra money. I have both tools for different needs. The type of tools you have, can determine the capabilities of the burns you make

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