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My Experience

My experience with Pyrography has been really fun. Besides an occasional burn here and there I really enjoy the calming aroma from the wood.

Calm Night in the Mountains.jpg

My Statement 

My experience with pyrography has been not too long, only a few years. I was never taught the basics in college or nothing like that. I experimented with the many worlds of art: Drawing, painting, ceramics, digital art, printmaking, photography, and more. I’ve always loved to draw since I was little. I was introduced to pyrography in high school for a single project, and yes I did burn myself but I still enjoyed it. It wasn’t until I went to college that I came across it again. I considered using the media as my main focus, but the professors were already a bunch of ego heads and didn’t like different media outside of their liking so I didn’t do much of it unless it was just for fun.

Even after college I wanted to go back to pyrography and it just stuck with me. The sweet aroma of the wood when burning is always a pleasure. The different shapes and sizes challenge my mind to make something for it. It takes me back to a campfire or a walk through the woods. I use the skills I have for drawing for pyrography and I feel like I do both at the same time.

I’m not one for galleries, never have been. I can’t hang a frame straight to save my life. That and I’ve never felt like everything I make has to has a meaning. It can be exactly what it is and have no special meaning. It could have nostalgia or rustic feel sure, or intrigue ones interests/ hobbies. Call me crazy for thinking that but forcing a meaning on it takes the fun away, in my opinion.


I do pyrography because I have fun, relax, and get my mind off things. Do I smoke myself out from deep burns; yes. Do I burn myself; not often, but yes. Do I make a mess with stain, and bark; oh yeah. I may only have a couple of years in self-taught pyrography, but I have 10+ years of drawing on paper to back me up. And I couldn’t be happier with the work I do.

-Amber Hall

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